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Clinic Bicomedica is a treatment center where people with Lyme Disease and cancer can recover their health and improve the quality of their life. These diseases are treated effectively in a modern, safe clinic using the most advanced non invasive techniques and protocols.
 In the clinic we follow an integrative concept of healing, which combines i.a: bioresonance therapy with ozone therapy, detoxification, hydrocolonotherapy and reflexsology.

 What is bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is a very effective modern form of alternative medicine, which relies on stimulating the body’s ability to autogenerate  and  combat various diseases using to natural body electromagnetic wavelengths. it is safe and non invasive, and appropriate for everyone except people, who have a pacemaker or who are pregnant.
A diagnosis
To start the process of autoregeneration, first our therapists check the condition of your overall health and discover what part or parts of your organism may be in an unhealthy state. not work properly. To accurately diagnosis your condition our specialist examines the energy wavelengths that eminate from your body and compares them with the pathological frequencies encoded on the machine. You  sit on the chair.
Due to this examination we can determine the pathological changes in the body and substances aggravating it (allergens, parasites, fungi, etc.)
Afterwards, when some pathological or unhealthy frequencies are discovered we personalize individual therapy, which eliminates the pathogens found in your body and restore the optimum balance of your being.

 What we can check during the diagnosis test?

Castor bean tick on the leaf. Ixodes ricinus.

Castor bean tick on the leaf. Ixodes ricinus.

We have specially designed specific tests for checking:
•    Parasites
•    Bacteria
•    Viruses
•    Funghi
•    Heavy metals
•    Allergens
•    Cancer cells

Moreover, we are the first clinic in Poland, which includes comprehensive testing for the many strains of Lyme disease and coinfections related to this illness. This testing includes 116 pathogens (30 types of borrelias and 86 types of:  bacteria, parasites associated with Lyme disease).

 The individual therapy cycle:
After the diagnostic test our therapists will prepare for you an individual program of bioresonance therapy and other components such as hydrocolonotherapy, ozonotherapy, ascorbinian injections, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) drips, detoxification? or reflexology. This treatment
will be based on the doctor’s recommendations and your
medical tests results, that you will bring or we will perform in the Clinic.
Your therapy cycle  will probably last between 1 and 2 months. We recommend you stay  in  Warsaw for a minimum of one month. From our experience and observation of past patients we see recovery after one/ two months. (recover from what)
During 1 month you will participate in about 14 bioresonance therapies/ during two months 28 bioresonance therapies, that will eliminate pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, funghi and heavy metals etc.

Every therapy is done on the bioresonance machine and lasts 1,5 hours. therapies take place every other day.
After the third and the sixth (the ninth, twelfth and fourteenth) therapy we test again to check, which pathogens are already eliminated. This examination is included in the price.
Your individual program can consist of
14 therapies ( 1 months, bioresonance therapy against Lyme)
28 therapies ( 2 months, biorsonance therapy against Lyme)
42 therapies( 3 months, bioresonance therapy against Lyme)
10 alpha lipoic acid (ALA) drips (kroplówki??)
10  ascorbinian injections
3 hydrocolonotherapy
10 ozonotherapy
10 reflexology
Health examination

 What makes the Clinic Bicomedica unique?  Why you should choose us?

•    We are a bio-resonance authorized clinic registered as the Polish representative of the Regumed equipment manufacturer, of Bicom Optima and Bicom 2000 and also of Trikombin  
•    To see our authorization please see the following links
•     http://monadith.com.pl/kontakt/
•     http://trikombin.com/
•    The tests are performed by professional therapists, who have received training abroad and in Poland,
•    The therapists constantly increase they competences and receive new qualifications and knowledge
•     All treatments are fixed individually and consist of several sequences matched to the needs of the patient, among other things detox?
•    To conduct therapies we use bio-resonance Bicom 2000, bio-resonance Optima, as well as bio-resonance Trikombin
•    All the equipment is state of the art.
•    During testing, we use biotensors and point detectors and bioresonance machines, non invasive techniques.
•    Each patient is tested for compatibility with pathogens prior to therapy
•    After the third and the sixth (the ninth, twelfth and fourteenth) therapy patients are tested to determine which pathogens are eliminated. This examination is included in the price.
•    Treatments last 1, 5 which follows the guidelines of bio-resonance art and recommendations of Regumed Germany.

 Location/ Contact
Where is the clinic located?
The clinic is located in Piaseczno, 1 km from Warsaw, capital of Poland
What are the contact details?
Phone: 0048 669 233 888
Email: bicomedica@bicomedica.pl
Website: www. Bicomedica.pl
Bicomedica, Geodetów 4
05-500 Piaseczno, 1 km from Warsaw, Poland, Europe

 How to get to the Clinic Bicomedica?
The best option is to fly from USA, Australia (via Munich), Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, London to Warsaw.  If you live in Australia we highly recommend you stop over in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for one or two days to prevent jet lag. In reference to Australia we also advice you to fly to Warsaw via Munich.
Once you come to Warsaw the clinic will organize a private transfer for you from an Warsaw Chopin Airport to hotel and from hotel to the Clinic Bicomedica.

Odszkodowania dla chorych na boreliozę
Chorujesz na boreliozę lub masz nietypowe bóle stawów, zawroty głowy, bóle mieśni, bóle oka, problemy z chodzeniem. Masz dodatni wynik Western Blot.
Skontaktuj się z nami a ocenimy możliwość uzyskania odszkodowania od ZUS i KRUS. Pracujemy w zespole złożonym z doświadczonych terapeutów i wyspecjalizowanych w tej tematyce lekarzy i prawników.
Zadzwoń już dziś 669 233 888
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